Boston Perspective of Young Jeezy Album




I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I picked up a copy of Young Jeezy’s latest album Recession. It had been a couple years since his last album and I hadn’t really been following him since I left Atlanta. Don’t get me wrong…I am a Jeezy fan but I was a bit disappointed with his lack of material. Perhaps it’s because I am in Boston and his mix tapes don’t make it to me.

So for me I had high expectations for the album as a whole. I wanted it to be a great follow up to a great first album. Call me a history buff but the current state of America reminds me of the 60’s. Music was one of the driving forces back then and Jeezy is well aware of that. His message is clear…We are in tough times…and “I am going to show you how to make a million”.

The album opens with a passionate rant about the recession. Personally I want more creativity and music, instead of an Atlanta anthem. I get exactly what I want 2 songs later. “By the way” Bumps! To me this is classic Jeezy…tell me a story and then kill the hook. You can’t play this song on your ipod…rock this with some subs.

Before getting to song 4 you can tell that Jeezy has been thinking and has a lot on his chest. Does Jeezy have something to prove? The game is getting more competitive. With artist like Kanye, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and T.I. (fellow ALT Rapper); Young Jeezy needs to solidify himself as a Rock Star.

Skipped song 4. Good hook but I’m not a frat boy and I don’t feel like fighting. I think your second album is difficult because are you supposed to piggy back the success of your debut or completely reinvent yourself. Track 4 would have worked with me a couple years ago.

Song 6 is what I have been waiting for. First of all Jeezy and I have something in common…LOL. “Bitch I’m Amazing” is hot…it Bumps. Listen to it once and then pop it in your car…turn it up and hit the freeway. Jeezy should just rap about drugs and how nasty he is. Don’t talk about the recession…don’t tell me how to make money and don’t make slow jams. Just get blazed and Dream Big!

Next up…Song 9…I just like how he changes it up…Same theme though. But Jeezy this is good. The hook is original and catchy…Why isn’t this a single?

Why did you wait so long to drop “circulate”? Fantastic change of pace! The beat is smooth but classic raspy Jeezy on the vocals. Way to mix it up.

I think I am missing out on the mixtape scene by being in Boston. It will be interesting to see what Rusky says.

“Vacation “is a solid song. I feel it’s the calm before the storm. Drugs and money as always…but at this point in the album it works. The hook hits you when you need it and you can’t argue with Jeezy on this one. Listen to him on this track…and take a vacation…I am!

Of course anything with Kanye BUMPS….Anything with Kanye after his mom died is going to BUMP. I love this song. The whole album has been waiting for this moment. He had to have a hot single and he knew that Kanye would deliver. The Hook makes it personal. The Hook gets me jacked up. Kanye’s verse blows it out of the water. Wait for it….Wait for it…Wait for it. I bet you are already pounding your fist and bopping around the room…cause I am. Kanye just gets to you…

I say end the album with Kanye period. But that’s just me. The last track is decent. Hopefully Jeezy gets his wish…For the sake of mankind I hope Jeezy gets his wish. “We need a miracle…cause this shit is ridiculous”

Overall I think that the album was ok. It was a difficult time to release a second album and I think he had a lot to say but he really didn’t find his swagger with this album. There were several moments when I saw greatness but those records were deluded with some immature tracks. I am looking forward to his 3rd album and I hope to see him on this winters albums from Jay-Z, Kanye West and Eminem.

-Allin Bond


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