Jeezy vs. Paulson




Young Jeezy and U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson have a lot in common. Both have aggressive plans for recovering from America’s recent economic woes. In his new album “The Recession,” Jeezy speaks fondly of birds, likely unaware of Mr. Paulson’s decades long membership in the Nature Conservancy. Lastly, but certainly not the end of the similarities, Jeezy is affectionately known in his hometown as “the snowman” while our Treasury Secretary’s pale skin and reflective scalp may push him to make a run at the title.


Though their comparisons are vast, Jeezy and Mr. Paulson have different views on how to resuscitate the American economy. Jeezy takes an independent free market approach, demanding consistent output and strong management to reap benefits from the vociferous street demand. I am referring to both his tax free income and capital gains from his new album. “The Recession” combines fresh beats, authentic storytelling, and addictive ad-libs. In addition, he has enlisted industry veterans Anthony Hamilton, Kanye West and NaS to expand upon his bold thesis.

Mr. Paulson prefers to reverse the economy’s course by propping up our financial institutions with a 700 billion dollar loan. Though it may be a necessary form of socialism, it wreaks of a conflict of interest as the Treasury Secretary used to work for one of the firms he hopes to bail out. And I can assure you that Jeezy would not take such egregious asset risks by loaning (fronting) beyond capacity, the same culprit that has ravaged Wall Street.

As we move towards a new President, we will soon have another U.S. Treasury Secretary. But this financial crisis demands immediate action. A few days after its proposal, it seems like Paulson’s plan will be pushed through the legislature and enacted early next week. Chalk it up to another win for the white collar. Nevertheless, Jeezy has shown this summer that the white cuff is also a force to reckoned with. Will his economic plan have more impact than Mr. Paulson’s? Probably not. But Jeezy has hypnotized the South by providing an escape from the foreclosures and high gas prices, problems that the multimillionaire Mr. Paulson and his colleagues will never have to face. THAAAAT’S RIIIIIIGHT!!!!



One response to “Jeezy vs. Paulson

  1. it’s a recession, everybody broke,
    so i came back to give everybody hope!


    great stuff bond.

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