Fashion Police


I’m not going to lie but I am not proud of Boston right now. Maybe it’s the change of season that has caught people off guard but we are seriously lacking some style as a whole. I went out last night and was disappointed to see Uggs, Timberlands and popped collars.

There is a time and place for all of those articles but please not on a Saturday night…Not in the Hub. I swear Uggs are going to give me a heart attack. I really can’t believe that they are still cool. I don’t care if they are comfortable…They are UUUGGLY. Period!

Nevertheless, I am extremely excited about this winter. Fall has been perfect and there isn’t anything better than a classic New England winter. So trash the Uggs and go with something classy and contemporary…

Look for classic looks this winter. Keep it simple and accessorize to keep your wardrobe fresh. New England is going to have a rough winter so prepare to layer and be ready for any kind of situation. Beanies, scarves and boots are going to be what sets you apart.

Also, if you plan on getting sunglasses please be an individual. If aviators look hot on you then rock them, but please don’t buy them because they are cool. If you are stuck I would go with Persol.

Keep a look out for bright colors and floral patterns for the spring. Stay tuned for previews of Happy Hour’s spring line.


2 responses to “Fashion Police

  1. Uggs. True. You got it. They are wat ugly. I recently visited my sister at UNH and I was bombarded by Uggs. I almost drove off the road. It was part ‘2002 time-warp’ and part ‘I’m trying to hard’ . Yikes.

  2. I was wearing juicy sweats and uggs on friday and I had to go to the bank…I was praying that i didn’t run into anyone I know.

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