Take a Drive

Classic New England

Classic New England

What gets you going…What picks you up out of a slump? I am just going to assume that we all operate on a high level; we all outperform the competition. But what happens when you’re down? I don’t let myself sulk anymore. I take a drive through Historic New England and take in the magnificent décor. Now I have done this hundreds of times and my goal is really to get lost and stumble upon something fantastic. I often do…I’m getting quite good at finding what I want.

I’m not going to lie; I am not quite in the market for million dollar houses. I got dreams! But there is something in finding that perfect house in that perfect neighborhood. I always try and guess what the people do for a livening and know that my idea is better than that. Yeah…I can live here!

That is all I need right now…But what motivates you when you are down? What makes you take it to the next level?


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