To some of you this number may be in your rear view mirror but for a majority of people using Twitter 1000 followers is an accomplishment.  How do I feel?  I feel accomplished but that number is relative.  I update more than most.  I am promoting a business but I am embracing the social aspect.    Do I talk to 1000 people…what is the value to me?

There is no way I can engage 1000 people on a daily basis.  What I can do however is provide them with value.  It is important for the small business owner to understand his/her place in the Twitterverse.  Not everyone wants to hear your pitch…in fact no one really wants to hear your pitch.  You have to earn the attention of all your followers.

As twitter goes mainstream it is going to be important to know how to engage your target demographic.  Think about how you can make an impact.  Your Twitter experience will be unique to your brand and your business goals.  Do what works for you; create your niche.

My point is that with 1000 followers comes more responsibility.  Now is the time to maintain and cultivate the relationships i worked so hard for.



One response to “1000 Followers

  1. I think these are great points. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as well. Twitter is still so new, there really is no right or wrong way to use it.

    As for your last paragraph, just remember the line from the Spiderman origin: “With great power comes great responsibility!”

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