Celebrate the Holidays with Happy Hour…Holiday Sale


The Holidays are here!  I cant think of a better gift than a custom piece from the happy Hour collection.  In the weeks to come I will be creating several custom holiday items.  Moreover, I will be looking to Twitter for special ideas and collaborations.

In the spirit of the Holidays Happy Hour is having a Buy one Get one 1/2 off on all Custom orders and 20% off the current inventory.


One response to “Celebrate the Holidays with Happy Hour…Holiday Sale

  1. I just tweeted about your link to Martin Lindstrom’s Buyology book and your quote on the Tiffany colored boxes making women’s heart’s race 22% faster. One, I never understood that. Especially after visiting their store. Give me a car, a sexy cocktail dress – which is more what I’d wear to a happy hour! or a handsome boyfriend walking up to me…then my heart rate goes up.

    I probably shouldn’t say, but I have a feeling I’m not in your demo. The t-shirt that looks like it was painted in above would only work in a happy at my house that starts after my closest friends have come over for a painting party. Maybe I’m gettin old. giggle Oh well. That’s life. Miss those 20’s when all I wore were sweats to college.

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