Make your Holiday Gifts Memorable

Perfect gift

Perfect gift

Im sure that image just made you smile….or it just set you back some serious cash.  But thats what the holidays are for right?  If you are going to give a gift you might as well come correct.

A friend of mine passed an article along and this interesting fact caught my attention  “Tiffany’s signature blue box dates back to 1837… on average, a woman’s heart rate will increase by 22 percent when she is exposed to this color”.

The question is how can you make the recipiant of your gift go into cardiac arrest.  The secret is understanding your target and getting them something they cant live without.  But dont forget to add your own personal style and touch.  The thought really does go a long way.

My strategy is to have an idea of what im shopping for and then hit the stores in the final week before Christmas.  I have encountered a lot of critisim for this strategy but I like to live on the edge.  The truth is I am a good shopper and I shine under pressure.  At the end of the day I leave it to fate…because if I dont find what im looking for then I have to improvise and often times thats when I create that increase in heart rate.

Good luck with the rest of your holiday shopping and dont stress yourself out.  After all its a time to be Merry!


3 responses to “Make your Holiday Gifts Memorable

  1. Don’t know who’s approach is worse, your’s or mine, haha. I get stuff at Dollar Tree, where everything is a $1 for months before Christmas. Being a broke college student, you get resourceful. The key to doing this is being able to spot when that $1 is best spent there. Target also has an awesome $1 selection, found candycane shot glasses for my friends, hehe. Good luck with your shopping!

  2. I hate Holiday shopping, but this year I have decided to get everyone kick ass gifts, just not sure what yet

  3. True to your word… you do provide thoughtful gifts that are fantastic.

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