Twitter Needs to be a Priority in 2009


Twitter is the most captivating social media platform on the internet.  I don’t know a place where you can network, socialize, build brand loyalty, educate yourself and directly engage prospects and thought leaders.   If Twitter isn’t in your top 3 things you do in 2009 then I would suggest that you rethink your priorities.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I registered for Twitter.  In fact I waited 6 months before I made a single entry.  My Brand Strategist told me to go to Podcamp Boston.  I heard @jeffisageek @Mikelangford and @gregverdino speak and…the rest is history.  I was hooked.  It took me a while to see its full potential but that’s the beauty of twitter…it has enormous potential impact.

I haven’t scratched the surface of twitter’s capability but I do know that it has immediate and long term benefits and it is a tool I can’t live without.



10 responses to “Twitter Needs to be a Priority in 2009

  1. Well, we are sure glad to have you at twitter…especially since you make the awesome twitter shirts! 🙂 It seems like everytime I turn around there is a new thing for twitter, but I agree, it is worth keeping up with.

  2. I completely agree with you and I am VERY happy that you motivated me to join twitter. Without you, I would not have Twitter as a part of my vocab or my life. You are a very inspiring individual, I can not wait to see what you do for 2009. Keep up the good work!

  3. Well, how flattering is it to be part of history? I’m glad you made the commitment to make Twitter a key part of your social media strategy.

  4. Now that’s what I call an enlightened stance on brand marketing! I totally agree with you that brands need to be engaging with Twitter to network, socialize, build brand loyalty… etc. Providing this is done in an open, transparent way, the returns are usually immediate and plentiful.

    Just by using the search feature that Twitter provides, you are able to track conversations that are relevant to your brand. Awesome.

    All the best for 2009. With an attitude like your’s, I’m sure the year will be nothing short of a success!

  5. Twitter is hot. Absolutely. I’ve found that consolidating my web presence has a huge impact on interaction and meeting people too. I started to make one link for all your links. It’s what I stuck in for my link on twitter and now I am doing more than waving at people. I am saying hello by presenting all my stuff in a simple fashion. Look into it. Let us know what you think.

  6. Guys thanks for your comments and insight. Twitter is a powerful tool. I started promoting my blog using all sorts of Social Media outlets but something stuck with Twitter.

    Twitter is now at the center of my Social Media Strategy and is my primary revenue stream.

    Thanks for reading guys and I hope I can deliver more insight.

  7. It’s incredible that a free platform has been such a means of creating revenue for you in the economic down turn… defiantly a good example of jumping on opportunity

  8. I jumped into Twitter back in June 2007 and saw no point. It wasn’t until a colleague urged me to really give it a chance a few months later that I saw the light. Glad it’s working for you.

    Jim | @jstorerj

  9. Allin, I met you at the Entrpreneur’s Meet Up Group in Boston. You hailed the praises of Twitter and told me to join, I have since followed your advice. Thank you, Allin! Please keep us posted on future revelations.

  10. I was resistant to all social networking and last year put getting on Facebook as my New Year’s Resolution. This year I decided on Twitter and love it…way more than Facebook actually. I keep telling all my friends about it. I’m with you, I love the intersection of personal, information, branding, business, networking, and randomness.

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