The Creative Process and Gulden Draak

Gulden Draak

Gulden Draak

The other day I was asked about my creative process.  That’s the first time anyone had ever asked me that.  So of course it got me thinking about my creative process.  The best I can do is chaos.  Sometimes its random and sometimes its planned.  Most of the time music is involved.  I like to be comfortable.  If I’m not comfortable I can’t create.

When I have customers over for consultations I want them to be comfortable so we can get down to creating something unique to your personal style.  Style is really about being yourself….having the confidence to wear what you want.

I can tell you that tonight is a Friday night.  I had a long week…So its the best time for me to  do what I want to do.  So I had to find some tunes.  Im going to go on a tangent…So brace yourself.

My Buddy @PDXBlazersFTW is a MAVEN.  He is a music Maven.  So as always I went to a mix tape that he sent.  And as always it was exactly what I needed.  This guy knows his tunes.  Tangent over.

I needed something to drink so I went with Gulden Draak.  I dont know if you guys have ever had this beer but is it heroic.  It is the official beer of Happy Hour Clothing.

Friday Night + Mix Tape + Gulden Draak = Creative Process

Good Night Ladies and Gentleman…I will catch up with you next Friday.

*Drink Gulden Draak Responsibly.  It carries a punch.  To find out more contact @CraftBeerNYC


2 responses to “The Creative Process and Gulden Draak

  1. very cool… love the golden draak! keep it coming

  2. add some firefly to the process… we where it takes ya!

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