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Happy Happy Fun Times mini Release

Happy Happy Fun Times Summer Mix

Music is a huge part of Happy Hour and my entire creative process.  Since is Officially Summer I thought I would share some of the music that I am working with.


Cronic 2001

Ready To Die

Lupe(first album)

NERD-Seeing Sounds

BlackOut 2

cypress Hill-Black Sunday

I am open to suggestion.  Let me know what gets you going creativly.

Thank God the 4th of July Saved Summer In Boston

The sun could not have stayed away much longer.  All of us in New England, including the most patient, were just about fed up with our quasi monsoon of a summer.

The 4th left hope for all of us.  And guess what…. Independence Day didn’t let Boston down.  Now we can play hookie from work and crash at the beach.

Bring back the dresses ladies…its summer time

Happy Happy Fun Times is Back

Happy Hour is Back

Looking Forward

I am sure that some of you are wondering where @happyhourboston has been.  I have been finishing up Soul Party and developing a business strategy to bring something new to the market.

Stay tuned for more from Happy Hour.  We will be showing all summer at the South End Open Market on Harrison Ave.  I am excited for the summer of 2009.

Be patient…I think you will like what I am working on.

Soul Party Baby


Talking shoes with @ShoeSmitten


@ShoeSmitten might be the hardest working woman in the Twitterverse so I am delighted that she took some time out for my interview questions.  If you can’t tell from her handle Anna Bassham is totally smitten for shoes.  She is also awesome and brings a wealth of journalism and fashion knowledge to Twitter conversations.

She was also my first customer via Twitter so she knows a thing or two about style.  You can check her out at  Enjoy!

So I heard you might be moving to Boston…What clicks with you in this city?
I have visited Boston only two times, but the atmosphere is so great, and there is always something to do.  Plus, it’s close enough to NYC so I could go to many more fashion shows than I can currently, living in Kansas.

Whats your favorite word?

Well my favorite word is, of course, related to shoes…ESPADRILLE.  I just love how it rolls off the tongue, and it’s a gorgeous style of shoe!

Before we get to shoes….whats your favorite (excluding footwear) clothing item?
Oh that’s tough – I love all types of clothing.  My favorite would have to be the Little Black Dress – it’s always flattering and versatile, and I can wear funky, colorful shoes with it!

What has been the most difficult challenge you have faced in regards to being a young Entrepreneur?
My most difficult challenge comes from within myself – time management!  It is difficult to go straight from being in college to working full-time from home and maintaining my own Web site as well.  There are so many things I want to accomplish right now, and I often find myself overwhelmed with the options.  There really aren’t ever enough hours in the day.  But the rewards of my efforts far outweigh the difficulties I face.

I don’t think anyone works harder than you…Where does your drive and work ethic come from?

Well thank you, that is kind of you to say.  My drive really comes from my passion for fashion and for my readers!  Without my readers, I really am nothing.  Thinking about how each and every morning, my readers are looking at my site and expecting something new, exciting and useful pushes me to do the best work I can.

Could you go a week without Starbucks?
NO!  Wait, YES!  Well, yes without Starbucks…no without a latte for a week.  I have a few favorite coffee shops, Starbucks is usually the most convenient for me.

Heels, Flats or Boots…and you have to pick one?

Without hesitation, I choose heels!  There’s nothing sexier than a pair of high heels, and I have gotten so used to wearing them that I actually feel odd wearing flats for more than a few hours.  I workout all the time so sneakers are a must, but if I had to, I’d use the elliptical with my heels on.  😉

Im not going to lie…I judge people by the shoes they wear.  You know I cant stand Uggs as a fashion statement.  What things just piss you off(feel free to rant)?
I don’t think anyone can help judging people by the shoes they wear – it’s a good indicator of a person’s personality and style.  I can’t stand UGGs either!  Seriously, I see people wearing UGGs everywhere I go, even now that it’s spring.  What I don’t get is how people claim they buy them “because they’re so comfortable” and “easy to put on quickly”.  Seriously, how much longer does it take to slip on a pair of Naughty Monkey D-Ring boots, which are FAR more stylish, and just as comfortable? I will give UGG a bit of a break because they’re now creating some cuter styles, including ones with heels.  But the original slipper-like boots will never be stylish.  It’s like wearing your pajamas in public – they are cute for around the house, if they ever can be considered cute.  *steps off soapbox*

You know this one was coming…Whats your favorite pair of shoes…past, present and future?
My favorite pair of shoes from my past would have to be my very first pair of heels – black and brown Jessica Simpson peep-toe slingbacks.  They looked so pretty with dress pants and they were so comfortable that I could wear them all day and night.  I still own them.  My favorite pair right now is my new BCBGirls ‘Gita’ cork wedges.  They are on trend and perfect for Spring, and they look really sexy with this new sundress I bought.  My favorite pair of shoes that I don’t own yet but would like to: Giuseppe Zanotti’s strappy platform sandals
(it was tough to choose just one GZ shoe!)

You are the shoe expert but I have a couple things that you need to look out for in 2009
-Sergio Rossi (
-See by Chloe (
-Surface to Air (
-Sigerson Morrison (

How has Twitter impacted your life?
Twitter has helped me grow my readership as well as connect with all sorts of resources, from other shoe bloggers to shoe designers and companies to people needing help with finding certain shoes.  One main reason I love Twitter is because I can get a response almost immediately from people who really matter to my business.  I really enjoy hearing other people’s opinions and helping men and women find the shoes they’ve been trying to find.

What excites you most about the next 6 months?
Well in the next 6 months, I will have moved and started a life somewhere new (possibly Boston).  I hope to be more established online and helping grow into a megasite.  I am also extremely excited to see what happens in the fashion world and the economy.  As far as shoes in particular, I am excited to try out some above-the-knee boots (which are going to be super-hot this fall/winter)!

What advise can you give young people who are thinking about jumping into Web 2.0?
My advice is to get in there, don’t let the more established folks intimidate you, and be authentic and interactive.  I truly believe that it’s far better to start off by observing others during your first month on Twitter.  See how people communicate – how they help each other, how they flirt and how they fight.  It is kind of like a constant cocktail party.  When you start interacting, make sure people know what you stand for, and start by trying to help others, not help yourself.  Once you’ve developed a bit of a presence online, you will find that people are very willing to help you, too.  Web 2.0 is all about interaction.